I believe that access to appropriate and professional mental health care and psychotherapy sessions can be helpful for all people, and should be an easily accessible and available service for all. Unfortunately, at present, OHIP does not cover these services. Most third-party insurance companies will cover psychotherapy services, but this is something that each client has the responsibility of verifying through their provider prior to beginning our work together. Policies are varied and unique, so please contact your provider to make sure that my services are covered under your plan. The details of my practice can be found under the Professional memberships and Supervision tab. Unfortunately, I do not offer direct-billing through insurance companies. Payments are made directly to me at the end of each session, and the invoice can then be used to claim the services under your insurance plan. 
Accepted forms of payment: e-transfer; cheque; credit card, and cash. 
Unfortunately, access to mental health is not always viewed as a basic right or need. The cost of therapy can often be prohibitive for many people, and can be an additional block to beginning the therapeutic journey. I try to work diligently to ensure that finances do not become a barrier to receiving services and care. Every client is unique, and every client has unique circumstances and needs that deserve space and attention. I am committed to working with clients to ensure that my services remain as accessible as possible. 
If you have any specific questions about fees and payments, or do not have third-party insurance coverage please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to address all of your question and concerns via phone or email.